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Gratefully submitted by:

Donna M Frustere, Art Educator/Support Arts

“Sea Mobiles”
Hands on approach to
Sea Creatures with Clay for Autistic and Senior Dreamers

TRACK: Divisions; Special Needs in Art Education Interest Group

SESSION FORMAT:  Studio Workshop


Facilitator:  Donna M Frustere


2.) Presentation Description

Creating sea life in 3D with clay by exploring colors and textures. Experimenting with CLAY HOUSE light air-dry clay sharing visual, tactile and verbal ideas. Overcoming dexterity challenges and fears of tactile encounters molding with clay.

3.) Statement Of Purpose

Participants will use a variety of brilliantly colored unbelievably light clay to explore and use to communicate their reactions to sea life. They will speak using the clay as their voice. These innovative Makers and Thinkers will make the connection with the elements of each sea creature that they choose in the most fluid creative natural ways using their hands and tools provided. This workshop can be modified for all learning levels including foundations, special needs, and advanced classes. This is a brilliant program for those suffering from limited mobility due to an injury, disability, or aging. Fishing line will be threaded through dried creatures and hung with colored dowels to create a balanced Kinetic Sculpture.



Primary Topic of Study:

The making of sea life using  AIR DRY LIGHT Clay

The selecting of a sea creature arousing feelings and emotions

The impact of interpretation, reflection, and analysis

The necessity of the ARTS to express oneself

The power of our minds

Unit Performance Goal:

To complete the construction of a hands-on Clay Painting from one’s senses

Acknowledging the Significance of the ARTS to interpret, analyze, reflect and teach that,

One can create one’s feelings, thus communicate by using materials such as Clay. One can create a tactile experience of each sea creature using Clay in a painterly yet 3D fashion with limited mobility.


Participants will be able to break down the STEAM Disciplines Below:

How does Art + Design = STEAM?  

SCIENCE: is the research done to find whom we are, to explore mixing the Clay colors

TECHNOLOGY: access to computers, cameras, or cellular devices can enhance one’s personal growth and add to one’s canvas through imagery, literacy, and technical manipulations.  WHAT ARE THE SAESONS?

ENGINEERING: What is clay? How is it made?

ART: the base for it all!!! The creativity, the soul and driving forces of WHY we are energized! The materials and Tools to create! The HeART of it all!

MATH: We calculate, measure, and use geometric shapes to create objects found in Seasons.

Participants will learn how to interpret how they view the seasons using their sense:

What does Summer look like, smell like, feel like, taste like, sound like utilizing their five senses:

sound, sight, touch, smell and taste


A Critique will conclude the workshop



Enduring Understanding:  Building Confidence in Oneself using ART

Finding ways to work through challenges

Interpretations, Communication, ideas, & dreams becoming reality and tangible

Discovering one’s senses with tactile methods

Understanding that whatever you do is yours, whatever materials you choose are the right ones and that your statement is yours.

***Supporting the Mission to Provide a variety of ways to FULFILL human potential and promote global understanding. We must all see from all angles to find the right solutions.


Lesson Objective


  1. The student will …understand how to work with the new air dry LIGHT CLAY from Clayhouse Art
  2. The students will understand the relevance of using each of their 5 senses to explore sea elements selected.
  3. The student will understand the vocabulary introduced when creating their tactile clay paintings
  4. They will discover how their creatures are interpreted in our cultures through the visual arts.
  5. Making connections to enrich thinking and challenge us to believe in ourselves.
  6. Clearly make the STEAM Connections, Life connections!!!



CLAY HOUSE LIGHT CLAY of Various colors

Various Sharpie Markers

Saran wrap

Clay tools/popsicle sticks

Fishing line


Paper clips

Pipe cleaners of various colors


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