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Did you know that black cats are a symbol for Halloween because it was thought that witches were able to transform into them? Who knew! This October, as part of Clay House Art's Halloween Classics Series, our team will feature six classic Halloween monsters and show you step by step instructions on how to create your own spooky masterpiece using air dry clay.

Our second installment in the Halloween Festivities we will be featuring:

Witches Black Cat


Here's what you're going to need


2 in 1 Light Clay (BlackWhitePurple, Pink, Yellow, Orange)

Wood Pentagon Armature

Clay Tools


~Pro-tip - make all of the detail elements before placing on the background, once the clay sticks to the background changing out an element is more difficult

1. Take the yellow clay and cover the armature until you cannot see the wood

2. Roll black 2 in 1 Air Dry Light Clay into a ball and shape into a circle to create our black cat's face

3. Make two teardrop shapes for the cat's ears using black clay

4. Make two smaller teardrop shapes for the inside of the cat's ears using purple clay

5. Using your white clay and black, make two small circles for the whites of its eyes and two small dots for the iris

6. Mix a small amount of black and white to make gray for the nose

7. Roll your pink clay into a thin strip for a mouth

8. Roll a thin long strip of black clay to make the whiskers

9. Make the body by creating a ball with your black clay and shaping it into an oval

10. Make your cat's legs, shaping two pieces of clay into thicker teardrop shapes

11. To create the hind-legs, make a small circle and press it into your cat's body

12. Assemble and place your elements in order of the picture shown above onto the background

13. Using your clay tools, make a moon shape and place it onto your background 

14. Optional: Glue a magnet or keychain to make a perfect Halloween Gift


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