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Christmas Essentials with Air Dry Clay: Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

This Holiday Season, as part of Clay House Art's Christmas Classics Series, our team will feature six classic Christmas elements to add to any Christmas themed artwork and show you step by step instructions on how to create your own winter wonderland using air dry clay.

Our second installment in the Christmas Festivities we will be featuring: 

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer




Here's what you're going to need


2 in 1 Light Clay (WhiteRedGreenYellowBlackBrown)

Clay Tools




1. Take the brown clay and mold an oval shape for Rudolf's face. Using the red clay make a small ball for Rudolf's classic red nose.

2. Add detail to Rudolf's face, using the white and black clay for his eyes and pink clay for his cheeks.

3. To create Rudolf's ears first make a ball with the brown clay, flatten it into a circle and fold one side together.

4. Attach his ears and using the black clay make Rudolf's antlers. Roll two lines of black clay and use your clay tool to make an indent at the top. 

5. Attach the antlers to Rudolf's head and add any final details


6. Create an oval shape for Rudolf's body.

7. Make a small teardrop shape for Rudolf's tail. With the black clay roll a long line and cut into smaller pieces to add detail to Rudolf's body. 

8. Attach the body, and tail to Rudolf's head


9. Make a small teardrop shap using the yellow clay. 

10. Using your claytool or finger if you don't have one, press into the bottom of the teardrop to make a deep impression. Make sure it is big enough to fit in a small "bell"

11. Roll a small circle that fits into the impression 

12. Make a thin green line to make a necklace for the bell

13. Wrap the green line between Rudolf's head and body and attach bell

15. Congrats you're FINISHED

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