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Christmas Essentials with Air Dry Clay: Snowman and Polar Bear

This Holiday Season, as part of Clay House Art's Christmas Classics Series, our team will feature six classic Christmas elements to add to any Christmas themed artwork and show you step by step instructions on how to create your own winter wonderland using air dry clay.

Our second installment in the Christmas Festivities we will be featuring: 

 Snowman and Polar Bear



Here's what you're going to need


2 in 1 Light Clay (WhiteRedGreenBlueBlackPinkOrange)

Clay Tools




1. Take the white clay and mold two spheres one bigger and one slightly smaller

2. Put the two spheres together

3. With the black clay pinch two little eyes and attach it to the smaller top sphere

4. If you're making a snowman, use the orange clay to make a nose. If you're making a polar bear use the white clay to make an oval shape for the muzzle and two small circles for ears.

5. Attach the nose and make a smile for your snowman

6. Attach the muzzle and ears to the polar bear and add a pinch of black clay to add detail for its nose

7. Using your clay tool, add a small indentation to the ears

8. Congrats you're FINISHED!

Optional: Scarfs and Hats

9. Using the blue then the pink clay, make a long line. Put the two pieces of clay parallel to each other and roll together. Wrap it around your polar bear

10. Repeat step 9 with different clay and wrap around your snowman. Using the black clay, shape a hat for your snowman. Decorate with holly

11,12. Congrats you're FINISHED

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