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Christmas Essentials with Air Dry Clay: Stockings

This Holiday Season, as part of Clay House Art's Christmas Classics Series, our team will feature six classic Christmas elements to add to any Christmas themed artwork and show you step by step instructions on how to create your own winter wonderland using air dry clay.

Our second installment in the Christmas Festivities we will be featuring: 





Here's what you're going to need


2 in 1 Light Clay (WhiteRedGreen)

Clay Tools




1. Take the red clay and mold a sock shape. With the white clay create the lining of the stocking. 

2. Using the clay tools or any sharp edge like a toothpick add texture to the whites of the stocking. 


3. Using the red clay make three small balls. Create the leaves by making a teardrop shape with the green clay and flattening it.

4. Put the red and green elements together

5. Use the clay tools to add detail on the leaves

Stocking Stuffers

6. Put Candy Canes, Gifts and Presents inside your stocking

7. Congrats, you've FINISHED

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