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Christmas Projects with Air Dry Clay: Christmas Chimney Pen Holder

Clay House Art's Christmas Classics Series continues as our team features Christmas projects to add a homemade element to your Christmas festivities. We love two things a lot at Clay House Art, fun art activities and practical gifts. The next project is both:

Christmas Chimney Pen Holder




Here's what you're going to need

MaterialsClick Links to Buy

2 in 1 Light Clay (WhiteRedGreenBlueBlackPink)

Wood Clay

Chimney Armature

Clay Tools

Black Paint



1. Paint the roof portion of the armature with black paint and let dry. To speed the drying process, use a hairdryer. 

2. Take the wood clay and shape it into oval shapes to make the shingles for the roof. You'll need about 35

3. Using your clay tools, put a single row of shingles onto the roof and add detail to make the shingles look like tree bark

4. Repeat step 3 until your shingles cover your rooftop

5. With the red clay wrap a thin layer on the chimney portion of the armature

6. Using your clay tool cut brick shapes into the red clay

7. Take the white clay and add it to the top of the chimney

8. Use the clay tools to add snow texture to the white clay

9. To add icicles to the edge of your roof, pinch off pieces of the white clay and attach it to the house

10. Add the Christmas Essentials, Santa and Gifts and Presents on top of your roof 

11. Congrats you're FINISHED

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