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Christmas Projects with Air Dry Clay: Christmas House

Clay House Art's Christmas Classics Series continues as our team features Christmas projects to add a homemade element to your Christmas festivities. A snow-covered winter wonderland will bring joy and festivities to any occasion, make your very own:

Christmas House


Here's what you're going to need

Materials: Click Links to Buy

2 in 1 Light Clay (WhiteRed, BrownGreenBlueBlackPink)

Christmas Tree and Cabin Armature

Clay Tools

Red, Yellow, Black Paint




1. Start by painting the house and fence. Choose a different color for the roof and the walls. Then paint the ground black and let dry. To speed the drying process, use a hairdryer

2. Take the brown clay and roll it and cut into pieces to make the door frame and windows. Glue these pieces on

3. Attach the house and the fence into their slots on the included baseboard. Then use the white clay and your clay tools to create the snow for your Christmas house 


4. Use the green clay to cover the included Christmas Tree armature 

5. Attach the Christmas Tree to the baseboard and add any festive decorations to the tree

6. Take the white clay and clay tools to decorate the house fence and tree with snow. Pinch off pieces of white in order to make the snowfall and icicle effect

7. Add the Christmas Essentials like Candy Canes Gifts and Presents, and a Snowman to liven up the scene. Click the underlined links to navigate to each Christmas Essential tutorial.

8. Use a sharpie to create the shingles on the roof

9. Congrats you're FINISHED


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